• Green Yaupon: A Labor of Love

    Green Yaupon: A Labor of Love
    Iced yaupon is one of our favorite remedies for the heat of summer. Reach for Pedernales, our green yaupon, to refresh anytime of day— whether on a hike in the late afternoon or you’ve almost wrapped that last task at work. Pure dried yaupon that has been hand-harvested at one of our vetted suppliers, our Pedernales preparation method is a true labor of love. Enjoy!   About Green Yaupon.mp4 from CatSpring Yaupon on Vimeo.
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  • Types of Yaupon

    Types of Yaupon
    Our founder, Abianne Falla, shares why she loves two of our unique preparation methods. Marfa, our dark roast, has a nutty scent courtesy of our roasting process. This brew tastes similar to black teas and is the perfect wake me up in the morning to complement your coffee. Pedernales, our green yaupon, has an earthy scent with a smooth taste. Abianne loves to drink this in the afternoon for a quick pick me up. All...
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  • What is Yaupon? 5 Things You Should Know about This Lost American Treasure

    What is Yaupon? 5 Things You Should Know about This Lost American Treasure
    And what exactly do we mean by, It’s Texan, for tea? First, Texan is our home town dialect, filled with “y’all” and “howdy” that call us back to a time when you could slow down and rest after a long day of hard work.   Yaupon is our hometown plant, so abundant in the South that for decades it was considered a weed because it invaded everywhere.  Now, we recognize yaupon for the national treasure...
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  • Native American Uses of Yaupon

    Native American Uses of Yaupon
    Yaupon use pre-dates the formation of the United States of America. Before even early traders landed on these shores, many Native American tribes had a Yaupon tradition. TRADE OF YAUPON: Records show that yaupon was consumed by many tribes of the Southeast and trans Mississippi south in political, religious, and social contexts. While it grew primarily in the Southeast region, extensive trade networks established between tribes spread yaupon far and wide. It has been found as far...
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