What Does Sustainability Even Mean?

When we say sustainability, we mean that every step of our process is crafted for the benefit of our suppliers, harvesters, customers, and of course, our planet.
Here’s how we do it:
  • No Added Water

    Coffee can take up to 37 gallons of water before it ever makes it to your cup. Our yaupon has only rainwater and sunshine by the time we harvest it. The only added water is however much you add to your mug.

  • Conservationism

    We're working with master gardeners, native grass specialists, and conservationists to create the best plan for harvesting in our area to support the plant individually and the region as a whole.

  • Wild-Grown

    All our yaupon is wild grown on ranches around Cat Spring, TX where a curious cow or two many have enjoyed its taste before we harvest it.

  • Hand Harvested

    Our yaupon is hand harvested without heavy machinery to minimize impact on ranch lands.

  • Sustainabile Packaging

    Our packaging is fully recyclable. From the boxes, to the yaupon pouches, to the plastic bagging for our loose leaf, all our materials are biodegradable.

Sustainability is never a one-person job. We build relationships and invite people into our process, to find the best sustainable practices and solutions in all we do.
And even now, we’ve only just begun.