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A tasty, natural, and sustainable alternative to tea & coffee. Ours is wild-harvested in CatSpring, TX. Enjoy it fresh or roasted, from the farm straight to your cup.


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The Health Benefits of Yaupon tea

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We hear the word antioxidants mentioned a lot these days but why are they actually good for us? Well, the ones contained in yaupon holly tea similar to yerba mate can help reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative damage to our cells. According to research, they may therefore help protect against heart disease diabetes, and other chronic conditions. They also play a key role in our metabolism and even support brain health.

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Theobromine is a compound naturally found in cacao beans as well as in yaupon tea, native to North America, and has countless mental and physical benefits. Research suggests that it can help protect the heart by boosting “good cholesterol” levels and it also encourages blood flow to the brain, helping you feel focused and alert. Preliminary research suggests theobromine may help strengthen the teeth and help prevent tooth decay that causes cavities. Some studies even suggest that it’s more potent in fighting cavities than fluoride!

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Yaupon holly is the only naturally caffeinated plant on American land, and it contains less caffeine than coffee — only 25mg per serving. Yaupon also differs from other teas in that the energy you get from it releases slower and lasts longer. 


People first initiative for yaupon

People first: our dignified employment initiative

What makes us hyper-community-centric? Even one understanding employer can make a difference in their community. Our harvesting department works with probation officers to hire individuals who want their future to look different than their past. We also hire women with a history of generational poverty. By offering a flexible schedule, we help their next crisis not mark the end of employment.

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sustainability for yaupon tea


When we say sustainability, we mean that every step of our process is crafted for the benefit of our suppliers, harvesters, customers, and of course, our planet.

Yaupon Holly is wild-grown, no added water, hand-harvested, and conservationism-focused. We are also the only regenerative organic certified yaupon manufacturer in the USA.

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Thank you for making something healthy, energizing, and native to the US!


Every inch of this subtly screams Texas and lends to the unique culture and history we have.


Love that this is native to North America and that you are working with nature to harvest it. It brings a special reverence to every cup.


I love your tea! Such a satisfying, smooth blend that helps me start my day with no bitter taste or need for sugar.


I love your yaupon- it’s mostly replaced coffee as my caffeine source and I love that it’s harvested just a few hours from where I live!


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What are the benefits of yaupon tea?

Yaupon holly is a great source of antioxidants and other compounds like caffeine and theobromine, which can support brain function and increase energy and alertness.

What makes CatSpring Yaupon different from other brands?

When you shop yaupon at CatSpring Yaupon, you’re buying yaupon tea that has been grown responsibly, sustainably, and considerately. We care for the land we harvest yaupon plant on as well as for the people who work for us and believe that that’s reflected in the good vibes and ultimately the natural flavor of our products.

How much caffeine is in a cup of yaupon tea?

Yaupon only contains 25 mg of caffeine per serving and also other health-boosting compounds such as antioxidants, which is why it has a variety of health benefits for your body. Our yaupon is additive-free, so you are getting a gentle boost of clean energy and delicious flavor. This includes our green light roast, medium roast, and dark roast.

Is Yaupon sustainable?

Yaupon Holly is the only "tea" native to North America. It's drought-resistant, grown-wild, needs little water or maintenance, and is hand-harvested. It doesn't get that much more sustainable.

What is Yaupon Holly?

Traditionally, Native Americans brewed yaupon holly aka Ilex vomitoria into medicinal tea and prepared it as a “black drink” that was consumed during purification rituals as well as a stimulant similar to coffee. The word yaupon was comes from the Catawban tribe and means tree + leaf. It is also known as cassina, which was taken from Timucua tribe.

What does Yaupon taste like?

Yaupon tea is earthy, sometimes grassy and sometimes herb in flavor. The overall nuances of yaupon tea depend upon the amount the plant has been roasted but its underlying structure looks like green tea.

Does yaupon tea have more caffeine than coffee?

In general, Yaupon brews have about 60% of caffeine and 1/3 less than coffee. Like the tea-combination, Yerba Mate Yaupon provides jitterless caffeine. Coffee has varying bitter flavours.

What did Native Americans use for tea?

Yaupon tea is an herbal tea made from the leaves of the yaupon plant, a type of holly native to southeastern North America. It has been popular in Native American Culture long before Columbus settled in the new world. It's history dates back to the Atlantic Coast and Southeastern North America.