VIBE: Yaupon Crystals

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Vibe is 100% natural, 100% clean, 100% sustainable. 100% yaupon (really, nothing else is added). 

Where else can you find an energy boost that clean? And just like your original fave CatSpring Yaupon tea, VIBE is rich in anti-oxidants and contains only a subtle hint of caffeine – just 25 mg per cup.

Each package contains two vials of clean yaupon crystals, equivalent to ten capfuls (10 servings) . So you're looking at 20 glasses of delicious yaupon VIBE on the go, at your desk, at the studio, or at the pool. 

Where you VIBE is up to you. 

2 vials in each tube. 
10 servings in each vial. 
20 capfuls of delicious, pure yaupon in your cup.


ingredients: regenerative organic yaupon

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