• Yaupon's Secret Powerhouse: Rutin

    Yaupon's Secret Powerhouse: Rutin - CatSpring Yaupon
    You’ve probably heard of vitamin D, which we get from exposure to the sun, and vitamin C, from citrus fruits. We’d like to introduce you to another vitamin.  Vitamin P, also known as rutin. That’s right. Way down the vitamin alphabet is this remarkable compound found in yaupon. And it works hard in your body with antioxidant, cytoprotective, vasoprotective, anticarcinogenic, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective abilities.  Rutin helps the body produce collagen and utilize vitamin C, major...
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  • Why Roast Yaupon?

    Why Roast Yaupon? - CatSpring Yaupon
    We have three different preparation methods-- Pedernales, Lost Maples, and Marfa.  These are, respectively, our green yaupon, medium roast, and dark roast preparations. That’s great, but what does it mean? It took time to finesse our preparation process for our yaupon.  In our work with yaupon, we drew on a number of influences. Our process now is a hybrid of traditional Japanese tea and Yerba Maté preparation methods.  All our preparation methods start with leaves...
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  • Discover the History of Yaupon

    Discover the History of Yaupon - CatSpring Yaupon
    Yaupon is new to the modern beverage landscape yet carries a rich history.  Traditional tea has been served worldwide for centuries and even the close cousin of yaupon, yerba mate, is popular in South American countries and has spread across the globe.  Along the way, yaupon got lost in the dark history of America and indigenous people groups. That’s why we’re glad to revitalize this lost Native American treasure and share it once more with the larger...
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  • Beat the Summer Heat with Cold Yaupon

    Beat the Summer Heat with Cold Yaupon - CatSpring Yaupon
    Do you want a yummy, iced drink to chase away the heavy heat of the afternoon? Look no further because we have three delicious recipes to refresh any day. Yaupon Gimlet 4oz iced Pedernales yaupon 1.5oz gin 2 tsp sugar or honey dash absinthe (optional) Mix all ingredients and garnish with a lemon peel or lime wedge. CatSpring Yaupon Shaved Ice 1 cup of your favorite preparation method iced Shaved ice Pour the iced yaupon...
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