May 01, 2019


By Abianne Falla
YAUPON: IT’S GOOD FOR YOU - CatSpring Yaupon

We’re already convinced it’s delicious and refreshing. But did you know that yaupon tea is so much more than a warm mug on a windy day, or a soothing iced refresher after you’ve crushed your workout goals? We’re at the very beginning of understanding all the healthy benefits of yaupon, and we’re already excited about them:

  1. YAUPON PROMOTES A GORGEOUS SMILE. Yaupon contains theobromine… Theo-what? That’s a compound with an unusual mix of benefits. For starters, it’s also found in chocolate and it makes you feel happy. It has even been shown to be good for your oral health and prevent oral infection. So there you have it: Drink yaupon to promote healthy tooth enamel. (And since it’s naturally smooth and sweet, there’s no need for added sugar.)

  2. YAUPON IS PART OF YOUR CANCER-PREVENTION DIET. Studies have also shown that yaupon has chemo-preventative properties through a two-fold defense strategy: it can help destroy actual cancer cells and reduce chronic inflammation.  That’s because yaupon contains polyphenols and flavonals, both of which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, yaupon contains more antioxidants than blueberries! These cancer-fighting powerhouses take out free radicals in your body and promote healthy cells and DNA. By protecting your cells, you’re protecting yourself not only against cancer, but against cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction, and cataracts.

  3. YAUPON REDUCES INFLAMMATION. Inflammation is the result of the body’s immune response to battle potentially harmful contaminants.  During inflammation, several immune system chemicals are released, some of which are harmful to healthy cells over time. Many cancers, including esophageal and colorectal, are thought to be linked with chronic inflammation.  This makes managing the amount of inflammation crucial for long-term health. What kicks this inflammation? Rutin! And studies show yaupon is high in rutin - almost 4 times the amount found in cousin plant guayusa. It’s got the full anti-inflammatory squad: polyphenols, flavonals & rutin.


Studies have also found that close cousins of yaupon have antibacterial activity, cardiovascular protective activity, anti-obese activity, anti-diabetic activity, and neuroprotective activity… Wow! As we rediscover more and more about this forgotten American resource, it makes so much sense that Native Americans revered it and incorporated it into their daily routine. Harness the power of natural goodness: you can feel good about this soothing, refreshing drink any time of day.