We’re a family company.

Hi! We’re Abianne and JennaDee.

We’re sisters who started harvesting yaupon on family land in Cat Spring, TX years ago… back when everyone in our neck of the woods thought we were nuts

Yaupon in our area has been viewed as a pesky plant; like a local rancher said, “It’s like a I always say. I’m glad it’s ‘yo-pawn’ and not ‘my-pawn’ so it’s not my problem.” But after years of hard work and interest from all over the world, we’re glad we made the effort!

And we’ve worked hard to make sure that all of our practices are sustainable and based on the information we have, the best thing for the land, the plants, and the animals.

Along the way, we’ve learned that sustainability isn’t just about the land, it’s about people, too. Which is why we have been intentional in how we hire. Interested in more - check out our People First employment practices.

Still want more about us? Check out even more about our story here.