March 30, 2021

Texas Country Reporter- Wow!

By Abianne Falla
Texas Country Reporter- Wow! - CatSpring Yaupon

You know when you’re afraid to meet someone you “know” from TV in real life because you think they might not be as cool? Well, when it comes to Bob and Kelli Phillips, fear not! They are just as (if not even more so) kind, generous, engaging, and encouraging in person than they are on TV - if you can believe it!

We were so honored to have them come visit us in Cat Spring, Texas and share a little bit about our story. And in true Texas Country Reporter fashion, they did it better than we could ever it ourselves!

And if Bob says “that is a good black tea. I really like it”, then are not ones to disagree! Check out the full episode - and their encouraging endorsement below: