• Texas Country Reporter- Wow!

    Texas Country Reporter- Wow! - CatSpring Yaupon
    You know when you’re afraid to meet someone you “know” from TV in real life because you think they might not be as cool? Well, when it comes to Bob and Kelli Phillips, fear not! They are just as (if not even more so) kind, generous, engaging, and encouraging in person than they are on TV - if you can believe it! We were so honored to have them come visit us in Cat Spring,...
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  • 2016 Winner of Best Tea from Southern Living Magazine

    2016 Winner of Best Tea from Southern Living Magazine - CatSpring Yaupon
    First and foremost, we'd like to thank yaupon, for doing it's thing & growing wild. We wouldn't be where we are today without you, lil' holly.When the leading Southern lifestyle magazine named us the BEST TEA, there are no better words to explain our gratitude and jubilation than, well, we're sure happier than a pig in mud.On behalf of the entire CatSpring Yaupon family, we want to say a big ol' thank you to Southern...
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  • Museum Quality

    Museum Quality
    Photography by Doug Carr Well, this is a first for us! Cat Spring Tea is part of a museum exhibit at the Illinois State Museum’s “Art and Science of Drink” exhibit. Cahokia was a city, the largest Native American civilization north of Mexico, in Illinois dating back to A.D. 1050. Some pottery and pottery fragments discovered during excavation had organic matter with traces of caffeine, theobromine, and ursolic acid. Researchers discovered that the residue’s properties...
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