What is yaupon? We like to say "It's Texan, for Tea." It's the only naturally caffeinated plant native to North America. You can steep it like tea, brew it like its cousin Yerba mate, or put your own twist on each cup.
Enjoy yaupon today and experience the delicious flavor and gentle natural boost of energy!
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Types of Yaupon

Find out more about our unique varieties of yaupon.

Sweetened Yaupon
A tasty treat suggested by Edie S.
- 1 cup of your favorite yaupon
- 1 bittersweet honey-lemon candy or 1 tsp of honey
Melt the candy in your mug of yaupon or stir until the honey is well mixed in for a cup that enhances the natural subtle sweetness of yaupon.
Mixed Yaupon
For those days you just can't decide, suggested by Kirk H.
- Half a teaspoon of your favorite loose leaf yaupon
- Half a teaspoon of your other favorite loose leaf yaupon
Steep booth loose leaf yaupon together in a mug of hot water for about 3 minutes. Strain the loose leaf out and enjoy a yaupon taste all your own.
I now drink it at home, in the quiet hours of the morning to remind me of sleeping under the stars.
Sandy G