Types of Yaupon

Find out more about our unique varieties of yaupon.

Sweetened Yaupon
A tasty treat suggested by Edie S.
- 1 cup of your favorite yaupon
- 1 bittersweet honey-lemon candy or 1 tsp of honey
Melt the candy in your mug of yaupon or stir until the honey is well mixed in for a cup that enhances the natural subtle sweetness of yaupon.
Mixed Yaupon
For those days you just can't decide, suggested by Kirk H
- Half a teaspoon of your favorite loose leaf yaupon
- Half a teaspoon of your other favorite loose leaf yaupon
Steep booth loose leaf yaupon together in a mug of hot water for about 3 minutes. Strain the loose leaf out and enjoy a yaupon taste all your own.
I now drink it at home, in the quiet hours of the morning to remind me of sleeping under the stars.
Sandy G