Steeping Suggestions

Suggested Steeping Options

There are no hard & fast rules for steeping yaupon -it's such a hardy leaf! Since it’s naturally tannin free, it’s a hard one to over-steep but we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to make delicious yaupon. Everyone prefers their cup a little differently so feel free to use these suggestions as a starting point.  

Cup of hot yaupon

We prefer our water just off boiling and for each cup (approximately 14 ounce) of hot water, use one yaupon pouch or one teaspoon of loose leaf yaupon. 

First steep 4-6 minutes. 
Second steep 5-8 minutes. 
Third steep 7-10 minutes.
Fourth steep 9-12 minutes. 

OR just keep adding hot water and leave the yaupon in your cup as you sip. 

Iced Yaupon

Since iced yaupon is better shared, these ratios are for a pitcher (approximately 3/4 a gallon). 

Add three pouches or 1 tablespoon of yaupon to hot water and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain loose leaf or remove pouches before putting in the fridge to cool. Use 6 pouches or 2 tablespoons of yaupon to make a more concentrated brew if serving immediately over ice. 

Serve with lemon, fresh mint, or orange. 

Cold Brewed Yaupon

This is where it gets complicated.

Put three pouches or 1 tablespoon of yaupon in a pitcher of water.
Store in the fridge overnight. 
That's it - enjoy! 

Will keep in the fridge for several days.