What is yaupon? We like to say "It's Texan, for Tea." It's the only naturally caffeinated plant native to North America. You can steep it like tea, brew it like its cousin Yerba mate, or put your own twist on each cup.
Our dark roast yaupon features our delicious dried yaupon leaves roasted to bring out an elegant, toastier flavor.
Enjoy yaupon today and experience the delicious flavor and gentle natural boost of energy!
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How to Prepare Yaupon

Discover easy ways to brew yaupon.

Cardamon Rose Tea Latte
If you're looking for a deliciously aromatic mug of tea, then the Cardamon Rose Tea Latte is for you. Steeped with the fragrant flavor of rose from real rose petals, this latte is the perfect drink to unwind at the end of a long day (or week) and settle into your happy place.
- 1 tsp cardamon pods lightly crushed
- 2 tbsp dried rose petals
- 2 tsp Marfa loose leaf
- Splash of nut milk
1. Steep Marfa loose leaf with cardamon pods and rose petals for at least 10 minutes.
2. Strain out the loose leaf, cardamon pods, and rose petals.
3. Add a splash of warm nut milk.
4. Sprinkle ground cardamon and rose petals on top for garnish.
I first got a sample of your dark roast in a tea subscription box and fell in love! The fact that it doesn’t get bitter warms my multitasking mind.
Natalie J