What is yaupon? We like to say "It's Texan, for Tea." It's the only naturally caffeinated plant native to North America. You can steep it like tea, brew it like its cousin Yerba mate, or put your own twist on each cup.
Our dark roast yaupon features our delicious dried yaupon leaves roasted to bring out an elegant, toastier flavor.
Enjoy yaupon today and experience the delicious flavor and gentle natural boost of energy!
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About Yaupon

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Yaupon Spritzer
Cool off easily with a light, refreshing yaupon spritzer. A perfect balance of smooth yaupon with effervescent bubbles that is sure to put some spring into your step, whether you're lounging by the pool or working hard at the office.
- 1 cup Marfa Yaupon
- 1 cup sparkling water (we especially love Rambler sparkling water)
- Lime (for garnish)
Mix brewed yaupon with sparkling water. Pour over ice then garnish with a lime for a quick rejuvenating drink.
Absolutely outstanding tea. Although it does have some characteristics of certain black teas, there are a lot more layers going on. There’s a smoothness there that’s just not in even the better black teas.