Cat Spring, Texas

Cat Spring Country Club

It all started when…

A German settler killed a cougar near a spring in 1834 and Cat Spring, Texas was named. Or at least that’s the local legend!

Regardless, Cat Spring, TX has deep German ties and was the site of the first Agricultural Society in Texas- community hubs to share farming knowledge and band together for support in this new land. Synonymous with Texas of old, these white octagonal buildings are located throughout the state.

Still a hub for our small community, the Ag Hall hosts antique festivals, wedding parties (including Abianne’s!), and agricultural meetings.

We also have the Cat Spring Country Club (seen above). Known for burgers and their weekly fish fry, Crossroads Tavern is at the heart of our community. Ironically, both of these buildings are down the road from where Cat Spring’s "downtown” is today. When the railroad came through the region, the post office, blacksmith, and the majority of the businesses had to move to the tracks.

Fast fact, our Ag Hall was on the back or Robert Earl Keen’s No Kinda Dancer album.


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And we love sharing our community with y’all!

We’ve been fortunate to partner with Outstanding in the Field for a few years to showcase the beauty in this corner of the earth. We’re always blown away by the delicious, yaupon infused menus prepared and the inspiring long white table in our fields.

From yaupon hummus to a roasted hog with yaupon au jus, the menus are unbelievable and locally sourced. We love being able to collaborate with other producers and share with folks from Houston, Austin, and all over the country.

Want to see more? Here’s a video from our 2017 dinner: