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March 30, 2021

Yaupon Toddy Recipe

By Abianne Falla
Yaupon Toddy Recipe - CatSpring Yaupon

It's cold. Half the country is snowed in. It's gray. And it's a Monday. We think that's reason enough to warm up with a Green Muse. 

All you need is: 
-4 oz very hot Cat Spring hot green yaupon
-1.5 oz gin (we used Hendricks but we all have our own favorite)
-2 tsp sugar or honey (we're equal opportunity when it comes to sweetness)
-dash absinthe (optional... depends on how your day is going, really)

Mix all ingredients in a mug and garnish with a lemon peel. Voila! You're all cozy and happy inside!

We served ours again in our adorable toddy cups from Oh! Fox here in Austin.

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