March 31, 2021

Discover the Bubbly Side of Texas with Rambler

By Abianne Falla
Discover the Bubbly Side of Texas with Rambler - CatSpring Yaupon

Dreamt of in Texas. Developed in Texas. Made in Texas. Made for Texas. From it's founding, Rambler has focused on capturing the essence of Texas. From the clear water springs to the freedom to roam. And they found their secret in limestone filtration.

Texas has limestone deposits leftover from ancient seas that used to cover the state. Native Americans would use limestone for tools and as heating stones. Today, limestone is used to make glass, in paving and construction, and to treat water and soil. When water filters through limestone, it picks up a unique blend of minerals. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Rambler honed this process to develop an original limestone filtration system. The result is water that is crisp, clean, and balanced, like Texas springs. Many sparkling waters are rather flavorless under the added flavorings. But Rambler's limestone filtration gives the water a natural flavor. Even their Original sparkling water evokes memories of Texas camping trips. Because it's a taste born in the heart of Texas.

Their commitment to sharing Texas with their customers doesn't stop at authentic taste. Since the beginning, Rambler has partnered with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation. Through this partnership, Rambler makes an annual donation to the Foundation. Memories of childhood trips through Texas inspired Rambler's creation. Memories of clear Texas springs and bold Texas parks bubble in each can. Even their design, not only reminiscent of vintage beer cans, feature Texas landscapes. Ramblers' yearly support helps these special places remain intact for generations to come.

The Foundation also assisted Rambler in finding sustainable sources for their water. Rambler utilizes sustainable sourcing from many sources of fresh Texas water. In sourcing from many sources, Rambler knew they had to standardize their filtration. Their limestone filtration process is but one step to create the perfect Rambler can.

All Rambler water goes through a three part purification process. Via reverse osmosis, they remove all impurities. Then UV light eliminates further irregularities in the water. Finally, the water undergoes limestone filtration to regain key minerals. Only after these three steps is the water carbonated. This process creates delicious, pure water in every sip. And it has the added benefit of not using sodium. Sodas and some sparkling waters use sodium carbonate (salt) to increase carbonation. Rambler's process excludes salt, allowing the natural minerals from the limestone to shine.

The unique taste of Rambler is not its only draw. Local Austin restaurant Olamaie uses Rambler in its signature hush puppies. The sparkling water lends the right amount of lightness and added crunch to the tasty treat. Rambler is also a perfect vehicle for effervescent mixed drinks and mocktails.

Don't be surprised as you see Rambler's popularity continue to soar. Their mineral and carbonation balance took over 50 taste tests and months of work to achieve. The results have not been in vain.

In 2020 alone, Rambler expanded into more than 140 locations across Texas. And beyond Rambler, the sparkling water industry has been on a steady rise for years. From 2014-2018, the industry increased 54%. Increased awareness of wellness has people flocking to a healthier alternative to soda. Sparkling water provides a fizzy drink with less sugar and additives than soda. Coca Cola's purchase of Topo Chico in 2017 signaled a shift in the soda industry to these alternatives.

The increasing popularity of sparkling water is not the only boost for Rambler. Similar small brew operations have thrived for years in Texas. Within the last two decades, there has been an almost 1000% increase in craft breweries in Texas. Sparkling water can follow in the same path. In fact, a brewery, Austin Beerworks, assists with canning and distribution for Rambler. And as Rambler founders attest, "Austinites will support a local business like nobody else. We're made here in Austin, by Austinites, at Austin Beerworks."

This year, enjoy the yaupon flavors of Rambler—lemon, peach, blackberry mint, and lime coconut! They're rolling out a brand new line, Rambler Sparkling Energy, powered by the natural caffeine of yaupon. So get out, ramble, make memories, and enjoy the pure taste of Texas with a new burst of energy.

Photo Credit: Bryce Newberry/KVUE